Service Packages

Since Muslim Companion’s inception, our clients have played a vital role in advancing our service experience with their profound feedback.

We pride ourselves on drawing from a 7-Year Knowledgebase of Intermediary and building significant relations with our clientele. Below we have created the most dependable matrimonial experience, seeding from numerous requirements for finding you the perfect match.

Exclusive Package

It is an experience well deserved for the elite high living Individuals who only seek the industry’s most experienced professionals to handle your case.
Whether it comes to an understanding of your Stature, in-depth insight into your family, values, principles, a grasp of your lifestyle, assurance of confidentiality, and your time, the value we add in this experience lies in access to an exclusive network of industry titans and pioneers. Henceforth to ease the pressure in finding your match, we handpick profiles and give you absolute convenience.
By equipping you with a team consisting of a matchmaking head, a Senior Counselor, and a Relationship manager, who help explore all possible directions at various junctures. A relentless pursuit to match your ideal partner’s preferences, we genuinely understand and have had the privilege to create blissful marital stories.
We feel a constant presence of a person willing to take your family worries and inhibitions towards finding you the right match is sacred work. We imbibe this feeling with every member to try being a “Small part of your life.”

Premium Package

Taking a side step from the exclusivities, we present the most desired Package of our clientele, called the Premium Service:
Branching from the exclusive Package entails home visits to better interpret and represent you towards potential matches. Wherein you receive all benefits of securing shortlisted profiles on your preferences,cross-examined as per your need via matchmaking head while keeping your information confidential.
Here the presence of a matchmaking head is felt at various levels :

Starting from understanding your preferences on priority, curating meetings with Potential members, Coordination, Conduction, Counseling, feedback before and after a session, and essentially providing you insights into limited members’ social and financial status.
Due to our stringent screening process, all the profiles provided give you ease; other platforms are unable to purvey.

Confidential Package

” A Service best renowned for its functionality.”
Being a Personalized matrimonial Brand, we certainly understand the need for confidentiality and discretion. Here you are given the priority towards receiving profiles based on your preferences rather than your information shared with members. The elements of the Package include Speed, Quality filtration for better compatibility via a relationship manager, cap access on higher package member profiles. Coordination, Conduction, Counseling, feedback before and after a session. Persistent scheduling to fix meetings and much more.